Mughal Garden in Delhi

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Mughal Garden



Delhi Mughal Gardens is located at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Sir Edwin Lutyens designed these gardens, divided into six hectares, Lady Harding. These gardens combine the formal Moghul garden designs of Mughal and British Sports Channel, a multi-level terraces and flowering shrubs and European flowerbeds, lawns and privet hedges. WR Mustoe plant product, as appropriate, shrubs, plants and trees in the garden. Together, these two designers joined Oasis in 1929. Mughal Gardens consists of three parts - a rectangular garden immediately behind the main building, a long garden and circular garden. A virtual paradise for the four fountains at the intersections of single compounds, 3-line of huge red sandstone discs that resemble lotus leaves. Lots of lawn and flower beds to give a beautiful woman to see a beautiful garden. Flowers segmental levels, gathered around the pool garden is the best place to see butterflies.

 Therefore, it is also known as the Pearl Garden and Butterfly Garden. The variety of flowers found here are pink, Viscaria, teptosyne, Sweet William, Oxalis, marigold and bougainvillea and many other annuals and perennials. He has over 250 varieties of roses in a place where Benkinsian, considered the father of all strains, 60 types of bougainvillea, the best collection of big marigold flowers and India with 13 different dahlias of all colors and oxide shades, pink, purple, gold, red, white, yellow and even red and white striped dahlias, like mint. In addition, there are trees Moulsari special, chosen by Lutyens, because of their Indian origin. The bonsai collection is without doubt one of the best home. Mughal Gardens will be open during the months of February and March, except Monday.