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The hill resort of Itanagar lies in the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. There are the mighty eastern Himalayas that border Itanagar from one side. The plains of the Brahmaputra River lie on the southern end of Itanagar. The township of Itanagar is nestled at the bottom of a mountain range. Tourist attractions in Itanagar lies the pristine beauty of unspoilt nature. Eastern Himalayan peaks soaring up to the sky and the velvety greens along the slopes offer a treat to the eyes. The martial tribes that inhabit this obscure part of northeast India are warm and welcoming.

The capital of the state, Arunachal is scattered with light, earthquake-proof, wooden-framed buildings rising up the slopes of green hills. Traditional huts are strewn amongst the more recent constructions. The residence of the Governor crowns is one peak while a new Buddhist Temple crowns the other. Between them lie administrative officers, shops, daily bazaars and thatched houses.

Ganga Lake (Gekar Sinyi):

Ganga Lake, Itanagar

The 6 km drive to the lake from Itanagar takes visitors on a winding road through the dark dense woods lead to the placid green lake through some superbly primeval jungles, Bamboo groves, orchids massed on tall trees are some of the vegetation which can be identified by the interested travelers.

Stopping at the base of a hill, one has to take a flight of steps uphill. At the top of the ridge one looks down on a serene green forest lake which one has to cross in a row boat. Today, it is a beautiful spot for outings, boating and picnics.


The city derives its name from this fort built in bricks. According to some, the fort dates back to sometime in 14th century. A rough estimate says the fort is made of 80 lakhs brick.

Buddha Temple, Itanagar

Buddha Temple:

The Buddhist Temple A new but beautiful yellow- roofed shrine, the grounds of the temple afford a good view of Itanagar Town. His Holiness Dalai Lama planted a tree here during his visit. This makes it a place to visit.

Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum:

The museum showcases socio-cultural heritage of the local tribes and archaeological exhibits obtained from Itafort and other neighboring places. In the gallery fife-styles of all the major tribes have been depicted, the display maps cover a wide range of subjects such as the people, house types, festivals, dances, handicrafts, textile designs, musical instruments, weapons of war and chase, important developments, Malinithan, Itafort, Noksaparbat, Kundil valley civilization and historical sites.

Namdhapa National Park, Itanagar

Namdhapa National Park:

It is home to tiger, leopard, clouded leopard and snow leopard.

Polo Park:

Polo Park is an interesting little botanical garden, a point for overlooking the town. Visitors should notice the cane thicket; it looks a bit like a palm with spines on its stems, but grows as a bush. There is a small zoo.

It is also a place for handicraft shopping here one can get a good range of shawls, carpets, carved baskets and the beautiful cane and bamboo works in which the North East excels

Places to See in Itanagar

Location and History:

Brahmaputra River, Itanagar

A busy political capital of the state of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar has a charm of its own with a mesmerizing view of its natural surroundings. On its southern side lies the Brahmaputra River and on the northern side lies the great Himalayan peaks making it more enchanting and mystique for visitors. Itanagar is a joy for visitors because of its splendor and magnificent natural beauty. Also known as �the land of dawn lit mountains�, Itanagar has many places of sightseeing and scenic beauties to attract many tourists. Moreover the climate is pleasant throughout the year which makes it more attractive.

Places to see:

Ziro, Itanagar

Recently the government has opened up Itanagar for tourism because till now it was aware of the dangers that the tourist might cause to the tribal heritage of the state. A trip to Ziro is a must see for all nature lovers. Situated atop a 5000 ft. high plateau, the beautiful town of Ziro is the main attraction here. The picturesque Taley valley can be observed from this place. River rafting is a popular water sports in the river Subansiri here. Unique and rare species of exotic birds and animals can be found here while trekking along the high mountain slopes. Another major tourist attraction is the Ita Fort after which the satellite town of Itanagar has been named. It was built by the Ahom rulers in the 14th and 15th centuries. It has three gates and its uniqueness stands in the fact that it was constructed on a place where the constructions were uncommon.

The Jawaharlal Nehru is a vibrant place unlike the other boring and monotonous government museums that Namdhapa national Park, Itanagar we have seen. This place has all the tourist information that one requires on regarding the culture of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a place where one can enjoy and discover the tribal heritage to the utmost. There is a library too. The Ganga Lake or the Gyakar Sinyi is a majestic lake attracts many people with its elegance and splendor. Surrounded by all sides with flourishing greenery, lush green mountains and the city of Itanagar, it leaves an everlasting impact on the tourists for years and years to come. The lake is a must on the tour�s schedule. Another tourist�s delight is the wildlife sanctuary of Itanagar. It represents the perfect balance of the ecological system here with around 400 exotic birds and many rare species of animals; it is place of both tourists and biological importance. if one� wants to catch a glimpse of a snow leopard or a red panda, then a visit to Namdhapa National Park is a must. In the serene and mystical atmosphere of Itanagar is located the Buddhist temple with the statue of Buddha in a calm poise of meditation . the magical effect of this place leaves one spellbound.

So thee conclusion is that Itanagar is definitely is the centre of tourists attraction.