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Tajmahal and Agra



Tajmahal is built from expensive  white marble. It looks beautiful in day and shines in night.  See pictures how Tajmahal looks in day and in night

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Beauty of Taj Mahal is enhanced by its finial and large dome. Dome resembles the shape of onion.

Height of dome is 35 meters.

& There are  four long splendors each of 55 meters in height.

Although the Tajmahal provide a best scene from all corners but  view from east direction is special.


taj mahal, agra tourism, agra

Decoration of Tajmahal includes stones inlays stucco and paint. There are the white marble dadosb on the lower walls of the tomb. It has sculpted with some realistic vines and flowers contented relief depictions. Polishing of marble is done with the help of some shining metal and thus it emphasis the detailing of carvings. Archway spandrels have been designed and decorated with highly stylized inlays of pieta dura and some flowers, fruits and vines.

 Inner stones of Tajmahal are covered with yellow marbles. These stones are well polished and leveled at the wall surface.